Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why is the World So Messed Up?

The Burning of Troy, by Johann Georg Trautmann (1713–1769)
This is a question you hear people asking every so often and for most people its pretty apparent that the world is messed up. Wars, poverty, disease, corruption, crime, prisons, drugs to name a few of the bigger problems. The first thing you have to realize in answering this question is that these problems can be solved. Its not some far off theory that may or may not be able to be answered. There are real tangible solutions to all these problems. Not only that the solutions if not implemented could mean the end of life on earth as we know it. The other thing you have to realize is that these problems don't just occur because that's just the way the cards happened to fall and human beings are basically just scumbags anyway so it seems logical that the world is really messed up, that's not the case. and If you remember the movie 'Troy' or in the off chance read the book you remember that a huge feud is started over the kings wife having an affair and a whole city is wiped out in revenge of the wife's suitor. So you have to say it seems pretty unnecessary for an entire city to be destroyed and thousands of people loose their lives over a personal dispute that should be kept between two men. But unfortunately that was not the case do to politics and human vanity and greed. When these ruler and king types get in power the wickedness in their heart is able to grow out of control like a wildfire. And that is a simple way to describe why the world is so messed up. We have accepted and learned to live a set of rulers who are not merely ruthless savages but are utterly wicked, cunning and value human life as much as you or I value the lives of bugs that splatter against our windshield. That is the first and foremost problem. The second problem is the majority of humanity being are asleep, they are unaware of who is actually in power and fall for these politicians song and dance when they actually hold no real power. And a second aspect to the problem of humanity being asleep is that they are unaware of the true nature of consciousness, and the power that is within themselves, and unaware of multidimensional nature of reality that they are trying to function in.

If you think about a mother and father taking care of their family they are very careful to make sure there is food on the table, everyone gets to their doctors appointments, holds hands in the parking lot, buckles their seat belts etc. They realize that even one slip up could mean disaster, the loss of a life, a family member gone because of an avoidable accident. We humanity need to learn to view our entire global family the same way and find it unacceptable for these kinds of massive avoidable problems to persist. Obviously with the way things are now its hard to even take care yourself and your loved ones much less try to tackle these massive problems on a global scale but I think if the responsible and strong willed citizens of the world were to make up their minds to band together and make a change you would see things start to happen. Unfortunately I don't see that happening anytime soon. Which is very sad because that means more of the same with this system which is obviously not working. And that much more likely that the next there is a war or a crime or a disease the victim could be you or someone you love.

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